Opening A Restaurant

Being in business for yourself is the dream of every working man and woman. You will have the opportunity to work the hours you want, do what you love to do, and benefit from the final product sold. Owning your own business is the best way to ensure you are benefiting from your hard work.

If you choose to open a restaurant, you will have to follow the federal and state regulations put into place for public and employee safety. There are many different types of supplies you will need to obtain to make sure your business is safe for everyone involved.

restauantThe most important part of your restaurant is ensuring the safety for yourself, the staff, and guests. It is important to have a security system, fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, eye washing station, and first aide kit available and accessible to everyone. Everyone on your staff should be trained properly in knowing where the emergency equipment is and how to properly use it. The placement and function of this equipment is also required to pass several federal and state inspections to ensure your facility is up to the minimum requirements of the state code.

The kitchen is where all the action takes place in your establishment. The kitchen must be equipped with the proper amount of cooking supplies, disinfectant supplies, and other supplies like commercial toasters, ice makers for you to be successful. The speed, accuracy, and safety of the food cooked in your kitchen will be the tell all if your business will increase, decrease, or cause you to go out of business. The cooking supplies must be large enough to accommodate the maximum number of guests you can hold in your establishment and still produce the product to the customer within the time given.

The guest services department is vital to convincing the guests to return. This department needs to have comfortable seating, lighting, and an all around pleasant atmosphere. The menus should be semi-large print with accurate descriptions of all the products listed. The size and style of the dining ware make a considerable impression on the guests. These supplies should all be purchased in the same style, size, design, and color. The dining ware should also be hard to break if an accident occurs. This is beneficial for the safety of your guests, staff, and wallet in the long run. The guest service staff should all be wearing the same clean cut uniform. This will leave an impression on the guest if your faciluty is clean cut or dirty.